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ESDIS Weekly Metrics: September 23, 2021

EOSDIS Science Data Metrics

Graph of EOSDIS metrics from September 23, 2021

Note: 1. The volume distributed to end users per day, as a running average over the last 4 weeks, is 3 times the volume added to the archive per day.

Graph of four week LANCE-wide latency and distribution trend

Note: Higher product latencies for MODIS-AQUA on 14 to 17 September 2021 are due to delay in L0 data.

Graph of cumulative four weeks latency for LANCE


  1. Latency for a data granule is defined as the time taken from the midpoint between the start and end of acquisition of the data for that granule to the granule’s being ready on-line for users to download.
  2. Duration covered by the data for a granule is defined differently for different instruments (e.g., MODIS granules are 5 minutes long while OMI NRT granules are 13 to 136 minutes long).
  3. Over the last four weeks, over 95% of NRT data requests for all instruments except for three instruments (MODIS-AQUA, OMPS-Suomi NPP and VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land)) were satisfied within 3 hours. For MODIS-AQUA, OMPS-Suomi NPP and VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land) over 91%, 93% and 71% of the NRT data requests were satisfied within 3 hours, respectively.
Graph of unique users per day for GIBS

Graph of GIBS total requests per day

GIBS in the Cloud (GITC)

Graph of usage by day of GIBS in the Cloud


Chart of top 10 countries accessing Worldview sessions



Metrics from previous weeks are organized by week, and users can access the ESDIS Weekly Metrics Archive.

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