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ESDIS Weekly Metrics: September 01, 2022

EOSDIS Science Data Metrics

EOSDIS Metrics 9-01-2022


  1. The volume distributed to end users per day, as a running average over the last 4 weeks, is 4.364 times the volume added to the archive per day.

LANCE Data Latency

LANCE Metrics 1 9-01-2022


  1. Higher product latencies for:

    1. VIIRS-JPSS-1 (Atmosphere) on 21 Aug 2022, due to a delay in cloud mask granules being processed since there was a late NISE file on 20 Aug 2022.

    2. VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Atmosphere) on 22, 23, and 26 Aug 2022, due to restarting the processing of Suomi NPP NRT since they were in safe mode. Files since 18 Aug 2022 were being processed and on top of that there were system upgrades that caused Deep Blue NRT granules to fail and be processed the next day.

    3. AIRS-AQUA on 16 Aug 2022, due to processing problem.

    4. MODIS-AQUA on 23 Aug 2022, due NRT4 being down for system maintenance.

    5. VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land) on 24 Aug 2022, due to NRT processing resuming causing a delay for most products. Some needed manual intervention.

  2. No LIS-ISS reported in the plot due to an error in our metrics system.

LANCE Metrics 2 9-01-2022


  1. Latency for a data granule is defined as the time taken from the midpoint between the start and end of acquisition of the data for that granule to the granule’s being ready on-line for users to download.
  2. Duration covered by the data for a granule is defined differently for different instruments (e.g., MODIS granules are 5 minutes long while OMI NRT granules are 13 to 136 minutes long).
  3. Over the last four weeks, over 95% of NRT data requests for all instruments except for four instruments (MODIS-AQUA, OMPS-Suomi NPP, VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land), VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Atmosphere), and VIIRS NOAA 20 (Atmosphere)) were satisfied within 3 hours. For MODIS-AQUA, OMPS-Suomi NPP, VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land), VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Atmosphere), and VIIRS NOAA 20 (Atmosphere) over 91%, 73%, 82%, 65%, and 91% of the NRT data requests were satisfied within 3 hours, respectively.

Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS)

GIBS Metrics 1 9-01-2022

GIBS Metrics 2 9-01-2022

GIBS in the Cloud (GITC)

GITC Metrics 9-01-2022


Worldview Metrics 9-01-2022

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