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The CEOS International Directory Network (IDN) home page and search portal serve as NASA's contribution to the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS).

The IDN provides access to more than 52,000 Earth science dataset descriptions (stored in NASA's Common Metadata Repository [CMR]) that cover subject areas within Earth and environmental sciences. IDN's mission is to assist researchers, policy makers, and the public in the discovery of and access to data relevant to global change and Earth science research. The Draft Metadata Management Tool (DMMT) is a metadata authoring tool that IDN contributors can use to propose new or modified CMR records.

To aid in the search and discovery effort, controlled keywords have been developed and are regularly being refined and expanded. These keywords are also used in other applications within the broader scientific community. Users may perform searches through the IDN Search Portal using the controlled keywords, free-text searches, map/date searches, or any combination of the above; users may also search or refine a search by organizations, platforms, instruments, projects, processing levels, data format, or temporal/spatial resolution. The IDN also supports portals, which provide a virtual subset of the complete content of the directory.

GCMD Keyword Information

The information provided on this page defines how GCMD Keywords are structured, used, and accessed. It also provides information on how users can participate in the further development of the keywords.

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