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ESDIS Weekly Metrics: September 08, 2022

EOSDIS Science Data Metrics

EOSDIS Metrics 9-08-2022


  1. The volume distributed to end users per day, as a running average over the last 4 weeks, is 4.476 times the volume added to the archive per day.

LANCE Data Latency

LANCE Metrics 1 9-08-2022


  1. Higher product latencies for:

    1. MLS-AURA on 29 Aug 2022, due to connectivity problems. Provider has been notified in regards to missing data for MLS NRT starting from 29 Aug 2022 to current.

    2. MODIS-AQUA on 31 Aug 2022, possible s/w issue that a bug ticket was not created for but unsure.

    3. VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land) on 29 Aug 2022, due to a granule that failed to process through the geolocation code which caused the downstream Fire related products to stop processing until the errored granule was taken care of.

  2. No LIS-ISS reported in the plot due to an error in our metrics system.

LANCE Metrics 2 9-08-2022


  1. Latency for a data granule is defined as the time taken from the midpoint between the start and end of acquisition of the data for that granule to the granule’s being ready on-line for users to download.
  2. Duration covered by the data for a granule is defined differently for different instruments (e.g., MODIS granules are 5 minutes long while OMI NRT granules are 13 to 136 minutes long).
  3. Over the last four weeks, over 95% of NRT data requests for all instruments except for six instruments (AIRS-AQUA, MODIS-AQUA, OMPS-Suomi NPP, VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land), VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Atmosphere), and VIIRS NOAA 20 (Atmosphere)) were satisfied within 3 hours. For AIRS-AQUA, MODIS-AQUA, OMPS-Suomi NPP, VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Land), VIIRS-Suomi NPP (Atmosphere), and VIIRS NOAA 20 (Atmosphere) over 94%, 91%, 88%, 81%, 80%, and 90% of the NRT data requests were satisfied within 3 hours, respectively.

Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS)

GIBS Metrics 1 9-08-2022

GIBS Metrics 2 9-08-2022

GIBS in the Cloud (GITC)

GITC Metrics 9-08-2022


Worldview Metrics 1 9-08-2022

Worldview Metrics 2 9-08-2022

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