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A linkage between weather changes occurring in widely separated regions of the globe. The term "teleconnections" is most commonly applied to variability on monthly or longer timescales and refers to the fact that such correlations suggest that information is propagating between distant points through the atmosphere.


Definition source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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The strong La Niña in 2010 and 2011 produced torrential rain that inundated many low-lying areas around the globe.
In this image from the NASA Aqua satellite, a swirling phytoplankton bloom becomes visible from space when warm waters from the Kuroshio Current collide with the frigid waters of the Oyashio Current off the eastern coast of Japan.
Photograph of crew members recovering a buoy that broke loose in the Gulf Stream
Landsat captured this image of the region around Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1990.
A series of severe storms during the 1998 El Niño eroded much of the coastline near Pacifica, California.