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General Questions

Where can I go to interact with other users and NASA subject matter experts on a variety of Earth science research and applications topics?
Please visit the Earthdata Forum.

Where can I get a highly detailed (high resolution) satellite image of my house, a street, a building, etc.?
NASA Earth science data are not of a sufficient resolution for viewing individual properties or similarly-sized features. Landsat data, for example, are mostly 30m/pixel, meaning that an average house is only a couple pixels wide. However, there are a variety of commercial satellite data providers available for purchasing high resolution satellite images.

I would like to use an image or data from NASA. How do I cite/acknowledge your data?
Please consult the Data Citations and Acknowledgements page for more information.

Are there any restrictions to using NASA Earth science data?
Please consult the EOSDIS Data Use Policy page for more information.

We have several other FAQs depending on the subject. Please visit the relevant FAQ below or visit us on the Earthdata Forum to ask your own question.

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