Webinar: Assessing Flood Risk to Support Environmental Justice—Data and Tools from NASA's SEDAC

Natural hazards present increased risks to people and infrastructure in socially vulnerable communities. Learn about resources at NASA's Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) that can enhance decision support and awareness about these issues.
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Kytt MacManus and Dr. Greg Yetman, NASA SEDAC
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ESDIS Communications Team
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To support decision-making that addresses environmental justice, data and tools must follow the open science principles of being Findable, Interoperable, Accessible, and Reproducible (FAIR). Natural hazards such as flooding present risks to people and infrastructure that are more pronounced in socially vulnerable communities. Climate change is not only changing the location, frequency, and severity of hazards such as flooding, but also the requirements for infrastructure to be resilient now and in the future.

Geographic information systems (GIS) databases track exposure on a wide variety of scales, formats, and levels of detail. Combining these databases to assess exposed populations and infrastructure, however, presents methodological and technical challenges. This webinar presents resources that are freely available from NASA's Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) that can be used to enhance decision support and public awareness around these important issues.

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