UNBOUND for Environmental Justice Workshop: Read the Report

The report summarizes the findings of a four-session environmental justice-themed workshop supporting NASA’s Understanding Needs to Broaden Outside Use of NASA Data (UNBOUND) effort.

The recommendations report from the UNBOUND for the Environmental Justice Community workshop (UNBOUND-EJ) held in April, May, and June 2022 is now available.

NASA's Understanding Needs to Broaden Outside Use of NASA Data (UNBOUND) project seeks to make NASA data, tools, and resources more usable and accessible to a broader community, and environmental justice is one of several high-priority domains identified by NASA’s Earth Science Division. The four-session environmental justice-themed workshop was an opportunity for organizations from various communities and disciplines to learn about and help improve NASA Earth science products and services.

The gap between acquiring data and applying it is why the UNBOUND project matters. NASA has vast amounts of comprehensive, accurate, and global data, but the potential is not fully realized.

— Dr. Gerald Guala, NASA UNBOUND project leader

UNBOUND is a project coordinated by NASA’s Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Program. ESDS oversees the life cycle of NASA’s Earth science data and seeks to maximize the scientific return from missions and experiments. More than 76 petabytes of NASA Earth science data are available without restriction, data that can help a broad range of communities understand and solve pressing environmental issues.

UNBOUND-EJ is the second UNBOUND workshop and was a NASA collaboration facilitated by Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP). The first UNBOUND workshop, held in January and February 2022, explored ways to broaden use of NASA datasets by the Species Distribution Modeling (SDM) community. The next UNBOUND workshop will focus on air quality and is scheduled for early-2023. More information is available on the UNBOUND Earthdata landing page.