Adding Competitive Program and Other Data Products

Guidance for adding data from competitive programs and other allowed programs.

Competitive program and other data include products from a variety of data development programs, applications, and ad hoc requests. Data development programs—for example, Making Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs), Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS), and Citizen Science for Earth Systems Program (CSESP)—provide specialized and innovative services to data users and/or research products offering new scientific insight. Research and Analysis (R&A) and Applied Science products provide advances in our understanding of the Earth system. All other products fall under the ad hoc requests.

Specific requirements must be met before data can be hosted in NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS). Below is a summary of those requirements. The first step in getting started is to contact us.

(If your data are from orbital or airborne sources, please see the Orbital and Airborne page.)

General Requirements

Specific Requirements and Responsibilities by Source

Requirements and responsibilities vary depending upon the source of the data. For more detail, please consult the following responsibility timelines (based on the source of the data):

Data Development Programs

This overview highlights the various responsibilities, processes, and inter-team relationships required for hosting data from various data development programs in EOSDIS.


Community data: Data Development Programs Requirements

Research and Analysis (R&A) and Applied Science Products

This overview highlights the various responsibilities, processes and inter-team relationships required for hosting data products originating from NASA R&A or Applied Science projects in EOSDIS.


Community data: Research and Applied Sciences Requirements


Ad hoc Requests

Ad hoc requests for archiving and distribution of a data product are evaluated for applicability and usefulness by relevant DAAC User Working Groups (UWGs). UWGs are composed of users, data providers, scientists, and representatives of NASA Headquarters, DAACs, and NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project. Upon acceptance, these data will be required to adhere to the same requirements as other products.


Competitive Program and other Data Products process flowchart



For further reference, please consult our glossary and acronym list.

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