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Discover, explore, and access Geographic Information Systems (GIS) content to help you better understand Earth science using NASA's open data. Using GIS, you can leverage NASA's Earth observations to perform analysis, create maps, and develop applications.

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NASA data are available without restriction. Explore recent uses of data incorporating GIS technology.


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Collaborate and create interactive applications combining high value data together in an interactive, informative, web-based application. Focusing on key topics or themes allows users to see the best available data from NASA to help them understand complex challenges facing our world.

Drought Web App
Drought Web App
Flooding Web App
Tropical Storm Web App

Datasets have a story to tell. Engage and inspire your audience by combining text, images, and other multimedia content with maps. You have the local knowledge and expertise; now begin and sustain a meaningful connection with your users.

Learn about NASA Earthdata as Image Services

Image services are a way to process and share collections of imagery. This provides considerable flexibility and scalability for storing, processing, analyzing, and sharing imagery and raster products. These flexible and robust services can be comprised of a variety of data types, both large and small, and can be multiband or multidimensional.

These services leverage a powerful server backend to perform the required processing on-the-fly and dynamic mosaicking of images. These applications can access the imagery as a seamless mosaic or query into the metadata of each image to display only a selection of the data or apply processing across datasets to find differences or perform classification. These processes can include reprojection, orthorectification, clipping, the application of complex image processing algorithms, and more.

Clients can connect to image services using an ArcGIS Server connection or via REST. Additionally, image services can be published with the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Coverage Service (WCS) capabilities. By adding additional capabilities, clients can access your image service in an expanded variety of applications and devices.

ArcGIS Image Services can also be accessed and used inside open-source tools such as QGIS and Jupyter Notebooks.

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NASA’s Earthdata Geographic Information System (EGIS) is a resource for distributing cloud-native, GIS-ready NASA Earth observation data, services, and resources. This includes ArcGIS and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)-compliant raster and feature geospatial services and raster analytic functions. EGIS will provide a consistent user experience and enhance resource discovery through primary platforms commonly used by the GIS community. Check out published image services currently available. Additionally, other imagery layers are available that are built using NASA data.

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See how NASA Earth observation data are fueling powerful, interactive climate applications. These applications deliver and visualize critical spatial information to help users better understand changing Earth systems.

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