Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC)

Disciplines: Radiation budget, clouds, aerosols, and tropospheric composition
This is the First Light incoming solar radiation from CERES on Suomi NPP.
First Light incoming solar radiation from CERES on Suomi NPP.

NASA's Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) is in the Science Directorate located at NASA'S Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. The Science Directorate's Climate Science Branch, Atmospheric Composition Branch, and Chemistry and Dynamics Branch work with ASDC to study changes in the Earth and its atmosphere. Data products translate those findings into meaningful knowledge that inspires action by scientists, educators, decision-makers, and the public. ASDC supports over 50 projects and provides access to more than 1,000 archived data sets. These data sets were created from satellite measurements, field experiments, and modeled data products. ASDC projects focus on the Earth science disciplines: Radiation Budget, Clouds, Aerosols, and Tropospheric Composition.

Contact Information

John Kusterer, DAAC Manager
Christopher Harris, Operations Lead
Jeff Walter, Science Data Services Lead
Matthew Tisdale, Data Scientist

Langley Research Center
2 South Wright Street, Building 1268C
Mail Stop 157D
Hampton, VA 23681-2199



Announcing POWER Second Annual Global Community Summit

Sep 20, 2023

The NASA Prediction Of Worldwide Energy Resources (POWER) Project is excited to invite you to the upcoming POWER Annual Virtual Global Community (GloCo) Summit, where the team will explore new horizons, foster meaningful connections, and exchange valuable insights. The POWER GloCo Summit is a two-day, free virtual event with an identical agenda on both days, offering participants to choose between attending one or both days. Here are the important details for the event:

Event Details:

Day1: October 11th from 3:00PM – 5:30PM ET

Day 2: October 12th from 8:00AM – 10:30AM ET

Location: Virtual (meeting link will be shared with registrants closer to the event)


To register for the event, follow this link: Early registration is highly recommended. You can register to attend either one of both days of the summit.

What to expect:

The GloCo Summit Agenda is designed to provide you with diverse range of sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and feedback opportunities. The agenda will allow you to:

  • Learn about POWER’s latest enhancements to data product offerings and customized applications as well as the project’s roadmap (POWER presentations will be the same on both days)
  • Learn of use-cases through User Lightning Talks (unique lightning talks each day)
  • Engage with users from the POWER community
  • Provide feedback to the POWER team

Submit a lightning talk! The POWER Team is looking forward to featuring stories and use cases from its community, showcasing how users are applying POWER’s Data Access Viewer (DAV) or DAV-enhanced, Application Programming Interface (API), AWS Open Data Registry, and/or ArcGIS Image Services in your missions across the globe. POWER is offering the opportunity for users to present three-to-five-minute lightning talks on one of the two days.

Submit this Google Form with the information below by September 26th, 2023, for a chance to present a lightning talk:

  1. Speaker/Company/Group Name
  2. What is the title of your presentation?
  3. What community do you most identify with? “Renewable Energy”, “Sustainable Infrastructure”, “Agroclimatology”, or “Other” (describe)
  4. How are you using POWER data products?
  5. How have POWER data products helped your mission?
  6. Preferred date to present? (October 11th or October 12th)

Mark your calendars and spread the word among your peers! The POWER Team is looking forward to welcoming you at the Annual POWER GloCo Summit for a valuable experience. Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to POWER's dedicated summit team at

Don’t forget to register, following this link! You can also stay up-to-date by visiting POWER’s 2023 GloCo webpage.

Last Updated
Aug 11, 2021

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