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Page Tagging Implementation and Examples

Basic Web Page Tagging

Data Providers can view web site metrics for their site's pages by implementing the Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Metric System (EMS) NetInsight page tags using the following simple steps:

  1. Place the NetInsight Page Tag JavaScript file in a web accessible location on their web server.
  2. Insert a call to that Page Tag JavaScript in every HTML page to be tracked.

The NetInsight Page Tag JavaScript and set up examples including a noscript tag which captures data from users with JavaScript disabled browsers can be downloaded using the link, page tag examples (.zip).

There are several methods with which EMS Staff can assist you for easily tagging all web pages on your web servers. These include:

  1. Using the Apache server side includes to insert the page tag code into your web pages,
  2. Adding the page tag code to a common web page element such as a footer or header included in all your web pages,
  3. Adding the page tag code to templates used by your content management system,
  4. Performing a recursive search and replace,
  5. Using Web server plug-ins.

If you need any assistance, contact Earthdata Support.

Setting Up your NetInsight Web Metrics Profile

EMS will assist with the creation of a Page Tag Manifest to EMS to identify their tagged servers. This file can be downloaded from the templates section of this site. This manifest will be used to set up a NetInsight web metrics profile in the EMS User Acceptance Test Environment. This step is used to reconcile the NetInsight metrics we receive from your site with other collection methods, such as your Apache server log or other metrics reporting system.

Advanced Web Page Tagging Techniques

EMS has created a section with Advanced Page Tagging Examples that demonstrate advanced page tagging techniques for non-HTML documents and creating custom parameters for document tracking and form usage.

In addition, several example web applications have been created to illustrate how you would tag your own CGI data ordering or mapping applications. These include:

  1. Simple POST Form - tag POST method forms
  2. Survey Form Example - tagging form fields to track values entered and drop off rates
  3. Multi-form Data Ordering - example illustrating tagging of multi-form web applications

Download a .zip file of the source code for the above demonstration CGI's that includes working advance page tagging code.

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