NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project supports data processing by providing Science Investigator-led Processing Systems (SIPS). Most of the Earth Observing System (EOS) standard products are produced at facilities under the direct control of the instrument Principal Investigators/Team Leaders (PIs/TLs) or their designees. The SIPS are geographically distributed across the United States and are generally, but not necessarily, collocated with the PIs/TLs’ Scientific Computing Facilities (SCFs). Products produced at the SIPS using investigator-provided systems and software are sent to appropriate Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) for archival and distribution. Level 0 Data Products and Ancillary Data that begin the processing sequence are stored at the DAACs and retrieved by the SIPS.


SIPS are geographically distributed across the country, and are generally located at the same facilities where algorithms and models used to generate standard and special data products are developed. NASA EOSDIS graphic.

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Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (Suomi-NPP) SIPS

Terra SIPS

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