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Data Maturity Levels


The purpose of this document is to record the current state of the Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Data Maturity Levels and to establish the maturity level definitions as the baseline for future updates.


The Earth Observation System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Data Maturity Levels are the currently accepted definitions for use in NASA Earth Science Data Systems.

ESCO RFC ESDS-RFC-051 EOSDIS Data Maturity Levels
Suggested Citation ESDIS Standards Coordination Office. (2024). Data Maturity Levels. NASA Earth Science Data and Information System Standards Coordination Office. https//
Resources ESDS Program. Data Maturity Levels
CEOS Land Product Validation Hierarchy

NASA Earth Science Community Recommendations for Use


The data maturity level definitions referenced in this document are recognized throughout the NASA Earth science community. The levels provide data producers with a labeling strategy for a dataset’s suitability for use.  


The EOSDIS Data Maturity Levels are not broadly applied, can be ambiguous, and are limited in their scope. Other organizations have adopted similar, but not identical, maturity level definitions for their Earth observation data products. In the era of open science, new levels and refined definitions may be needed. 


The EOSDIS Data Maturity Levels are applicable to remote sensing and higher-level data, as well as to other Earth science data products, following a traditional processing lifecycle.


The EOSDIS Data Maturity Levels have not received a formal review and may not fully address all current needs in the emerging era of open science.

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