Data Chats

Short, informal discussions with members of NASA's diverse data-user community providing personal insight into how data are being used around the world.

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Jun 4, 2019

A new computer application co-developed by Vickie Ly uses precipitation data from TRMM, GPM, and other sources to help the Navajo Nation manage water resources.

Jan 4, 2017

Talking about NASA’s EOSDIS Earth science data collection with NASA Program Executive Kevin Murphy

Jun 30, 2016

Talking about NASA precipitation data with GPM Project Scientist Dr. Gail Skofronick-Jackson.

Apr 28, 2016

Talking about Space Geodesy with NASA CDDIS Manager Carey Noll

Mar 9, 2016

Talking about Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) with Dr. Franz Meyer, Chief Scientist, Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF)