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Each profile demonstrates how and where Earth observation data are being used for research and applications.

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NASA’s GHRC DAAC helps scientists like Dr. Timothy Lang use lightning data to better understand the processes in convective storms.

Data from NASA’s GES DISC help scientists like Dr. William Blackwell study the thermodynamics of tropical cyclones.

Data from NASA’s PO.DAAC help scientists like Dr. Jida Wang monitor the state of surface water resources around the globe.

Data from NASA’s Crustal Dynamics Data Information System help Dr. Sharyl Byram find the exact coordinates of any point on Earth.

Data from NASA’s ASF DAAC helps scientists like Dr. Zhong Lu develop satellite radar remote-sensing techniques for studying geohazards.

Data from NASA’s SEDAC help Thomas Parris assess the impact of water stress on agriculture, industries, and people around the globe.

Data from NASA’s LP DAAC help Dr. David Thoma determine how climate change will impact natural resources on National Park System lands.

Data from NASA’s NSIDC DAAC helps scientists like Dr. Kristin Poinar develop the next generation of models for forecasting sea-level rise from melting glaciers and ice sheets.

Data from NASA’s Atmospheric Science Data Center helps system engineers like Abigail Nastan develop engaging new ways of partnering with data users to maximize the benefits of NASA Earth science missions.

Data from NASA’s LAADS DAAC help Dr. Robert Holz develop algorithms and data products for studying aerosols and clouds.

Data from NASA’s ORNL DAAC helps scientists like Dr. Kevin Schaefer detect climate-induced thawing of permafrost throughout the Arctic.

Data from NASA’s OB.DAAC helps scientists like Dr. Zachary Erickson study the ocean’s role in the global carbon cycle