Creating a Mosaic Dataset using CSV

GIS How-To page for Creating a Mosaic Dataset using CSV

Creating a mosaic dataset using CSV input file is a reliable method, especially for the older versions of ArcGIS Pro.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select sdt database from Catalog pane.
  2. Create a new mosaic dataset.
  3. Add raster using Table.
  4. Copy CSV input file from S3 to local directory.
  5. Open CSV file from directory.
  6. Use Geoprocessing tool to create multi-dimensional information.
    1. Use Variable as Variable.
      1. If you don't choose other field such as long_name, the processing template will not work.
    2. Leave Dimension blank.
      1. StdZ will be picked up as height automatically.
  7. Search "Set Raster Properties" tools from toolbox under Analysis.
    1. Enter the input raster, min/max/mean as follows:
      Set Raster Properties


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If the image doesn't appear, try repairing the mosaic dataset path. Make sure that the CSV file exists on the system's path.


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