Installing ArcGIS Linux Server on AWS

GIS How-To page for Installing ArcGIS Linux Server on Amazon Web Services

Step-by-step guide

You will need two license files:

  • ArcGISGISServerAdvanced
  • ArcGISImageServer

Repeat the following steps for each license file.

  1. Run /arcgis/server/tools/authorizeSoftware
  2. Select the corresponding work organization, work area, and role
  3. Use ubuntu user and become a root. Then, run apt-get install emacs
  4. Edit /arcgis/server/tools/createsite/ with username = siteadmin password =<your pass>
  5. Run /arcgis/server/
  6. /arcgis/server/tools/createsite/ -f
  7. Use ubuntu user and become a root. Then, run apt-get install firefox
  8. sudo apt-get install dbus-x11
  9. Run firefox https://private_ip:6443/arcgis/admin
  10. Open port 6433 in inbound rule of security group
  11. Add DNS entry for server like (URL name) and associate IPv4 address with it
  12. Run firefox from your computer and try (URL name)
  13. Run the following commands:

    #systemctl enable arcgisserver.service#systemctl stop arcgisserver.service#systemctl start arcgisserver.service#systemctl status arcgisserver.service
  14. Add a load balancer like (URL name) to avoid certificate warning. Force https and forward traffic to 6433
  15. Install ArcGIS Linux Data Store
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During the initial deployment, Setup program is already executed and installs software under /arcgis/server/. Thus, all you need is to activate license and set user/password.


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