Installing ArcGIS Linux Web Adaptor on AWS

GIS How-To for Installing ArcGIS Linux Web Adaptor on AWS

Please note that web adoptor is not essential for single-machine deployment.

Portal, after it is installed, is not accessible from public IP in AWS. Hence, installing Web Adaptor is necessary to make it accessible from public IP.

This installation guide refers Setup program but it doesn't exist in AWS Marketplace image. You can find /arcgis/webadaptor10.7.1/.Setup directory though.

System requirements say that Tomcat 9.0.19 but Ubuntu installs Tomcat 9.0.16 via apt.

Step-by-step guide

  1. apt-get install tomcat9
  2. cd /arcgis/webadaptor10.7.1/java
  3. ./
  4. cd /arcgis/webadaptor10.7.1/java/tools
  5. ./ -m portal -w (arcgis server URL) -g (URL) -u siteadmin -p password
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Tomcat9 doesn't accept connection from private EC2 IP and if port 80 is used.

Error Messages

If you call web page with public IP / DNS, lynx (arcgis server URL), you get the following 999 error:

The web adaptor configuration URL has to be accessed from the machine hosting the web adaptor.

If you call web page with internal IP, $lynx (arcgis web adaptor URL), you get the following 400 error:

Unable to configure the ArcGIS Server with the Web Adaptor. Please make
   sure that the server machine is running and that the account specified
   has administrative privileges to the site.

If you use CLI tool, it cannot access web adaptor URL:

(base) arcgis@(IP address):/arcgis/webadaptor10.7.1/java/tools$ /arcgis/webadaptor10.7.1/java/.Setup/jre/bin/java -jar /arcgis/webadaptor10.7.1/java/tools/arcgis-wareg.jar  -m portal -w -g (arcgis URL) -u siteadmin -p password -a true
Unable to connect to WebAdaptor URL : (arcgis web adaptor URL)


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