Installing xarray on ArcGIS Notebook Server

GIS How-To for Installing xarray on ArcGIS Notebook Server

xarray is one of key packages in Pangeo.

Step-by-step guide for 10.8

  1. !conda update -y -n base -c defaults conda
  2. !conda install -y xarray

Step-by-step guide for 10.7.1

ArcGIS 10.7.1 Notebook Server has a bug that doesn't allow to use conda for installing xarray.

You need to use pip instead of conda.

  1. !pip install --upgrade pandas
  2. !pip install --upgrade netCDF4
  3. !pip install --upgrade bottleneck
  4. !pip install xarray

You may encounter error message that can be ignored:

ERROR: fastai 1.0.50.post1 requires nvidia-ml-py3, which is not installed.

NVDIA GPU enabled instance may help to get rid of the above warning.

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Use the following code to test xarray.
import xarray as xr
import numpy as np
data = xr.DataArray(np.random.randn(2, 3), dims=('x', 'y'), coords={'x': [10, 20]})
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