Webinar: Community Developed Resources—Explore the Openscapes Earthdata Cloud Cookbook

Join us Wednesday, Feb 28, to learn how to use the Openscapes Earthdata Cloud Cookbook—a compilation of open-source tutorials, workflows, libraries, and cheatsheets that help users find, access, and work with Earth science data.
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Bri Lind, LP DAAC; Luis Alberto Lopez Espinosa, NSIDC DAAC; Cassie Nickles, PO.DAAC; and Alexis Hunzinger, GES DISC
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ESDIS Communications Team
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image of cloud with computer in the center showing code, background is colored satellite data

NASA Openscapes is a community of NASA data center staff and open science contributors who are supporting researchers in migrating their data workflows to the Cloud.

As part of this effort, NASA Openscapes Mentors are developing the open-source Earthdata Cloud Cookbooka compilation of tutorials, workflows, and cheatsheets that has been refined through more than 20 Cloud workshops with researchers using NASA Earth science data. This webinar will show attendees how to use the many resources in the Earthdata Cloud Cookbook.

As part of the broader open science community, NASA Openscapes supports Earth science data users by fostering an open science mindset focused on kindness and inclusion, as well as developing software to reduce time to science and meet researchers where they are.

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