Second Airborne and Field Data Workshop

Organized by the Airborne and Field Data Working Group, the Second Airborne and Field Data Workshop gathered input to improve the usability of airborne and field data, with a focus on tools and standards.
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NASA's Second Airborne and Field Data Workshop will be a virtual event aimed at gathering updated information from NASA's airborne and field data provider and data user communities to improve the discoverability, access, and use of these observations. The inaugural workshop, held in 2022, touched broadly on successes and areas of opportunity. This year, we will discuss recent activities in response to 2022's main findings and next steps with a focus on tools, standards, and alignment with agency goals.

This virtual event is organized by NASA's Airborne and Field Data Working Group, which includes individuals from NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project, the Airborne Data Management Group (ADMG), and NASA's Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). Learn more about NASA airborne and field data resources in the Airborne and Field Data Resource Center (AFDRC).

Code of Conduct 

The workshop will operate under the NASA Airborne and Field Data Workshop Code of Conduct (PDF). Anyone who is the subject of, or witness to, any unacceptable behavior should notify a member of the Organizing Committee.


Day 1: April 23, 2024


(EDT, UTC-4)

Topic Speaker
12:00 Logistics Bruce Wilson

ESDS Welcome

ESDS Welcome Recording

Cerese Albers

Airborne Science Program Welcome

Airborne Science Program Welcome Recording (Begins 4:11)

Matthew Fladeland 

Bruce Tagg


Session 1: Recap from 2022 Workshop

Key Takeaways from 2022

Session 1 Recording

Sara Lubkin

Megan Buzanowicz


Goals for the 2024 Workshop

Goals for 2024 Workshop Recording (Begins 28:03)

Stephanie Wingo

Q&A Session

Session 1 Q & A Recording (Begins 37:18)

Moderator: Stephanie Wingo
1:10 Break  

Session 2: Recent DAAC Activities

-ORNL DAAC (Begins 4:00)

-ASDC DAAC (Begins 11:17)

-GHRC DAAC (Begins 19:45)

-PO.DAAC (Begins 25:52)

-NSIDC DAAC (Begins 31:24)

Session 2 Recording

DAAC Representatives:

Michele Thornton

Megan Buzanowicz

Geoffrey Stano

Victoria McDonald

Stephanie Wong/Lisa Kaser

Moderator:  Deborah Smith



Session 2 Q & A Recording

Moderator: Deborah Smith

Session 3:  Groups & Working Groups

-ADMG (Begins 7:44)

-AFDRC (Begins 16:59)


  • AFDWG (Begins 31:22)
  • Variables/Metadata (Begins 0:53)
  • OFAIR (Begins 38:16)
  • PCS for Suborbital (Begins 44:25)

-ESCO (Begins 53:25)

-ARSET (Begins 1:02:15)

Session 3 Recording

Group/Working Group Representatives

Stephanie Wingo

Jennifer Brennan

Michele Thornton

Valerie Dixon

Ge Peng

Matt Donovan

Beth Huffer

Brock Blevins

Moderator: TBD


Q&A / Discussion/Input for WGs

Session 3 Q&A Recording

Moderator: TBD

Preview of Day 2

Preview of Day 2/Wrap-Up Recording

Geoffrey Stano
4:00 End of Day 1

Day 2: April 24, 2024


(EDT, UTC-4)

Topic Speaker

Recap of Day 1

Day 1 Recap Recording

Bruce Wilson

Session 4: Where are we going?

Forward-Looking Agency Perspectives

Session 4 Recording

Cerese Albers

Rita Grullon-Pingon/Ted Sobchak


Session 5:  Stewards & Scientists Panel Discussion

Session 5 Recording

Daryl Yang

Dana Chadwick

Owen Cooper

Kristen Rasmussen

Carrie Vuyovich or HP Marshall

Gerry Heymsfield 

Fred Bingham

Moderator: Stephanie Wingo


Q&A / Introduce Investment Vote Activity

Voting Activity Introduction Recording

Yaxing Wei
2:10 Break

Investment Vote Activity & Discussion

Voting Activity Discussion Recording

Yaxing Wei

Session 6:  What are we missing? / Attendees’ Choice

Session 6 Recording (Begins 19:56)

Moderator: TBD
3:20 Optional Breakouts Moderator (s): TBD

Wrap Up

Day 2 Wrap-Up and Breakout Reporting Recording

Sara Lubkin/Stephanie Wingo
4:00 End of Day 2

Organizing Committee

Sara Lubkin, NASA's ESDIS Project 

Michelle Thornton, NASA's Oak Ridge National Laboratory DAAC (ORNL DAAC)

Bruce Wilson, NASA's ORNL DAAC

Megan Buzanowicz, NASA's Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC)

Katherine Saad, NASA's Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Program

Yaxing Wei, NASA's ORNL DAAC

Stephanie Wingo, NASA's ADMG

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