Webinar: Discover NASA Ocean Color Data, Services and Tools

NASA's Ocean Biology Distributed Active Archive Center (OB.DAAC) manages, archives and distributes nearly 40 years of ocean color, sea surface temperature, and sea surface salinity data. Join us to learn more about NASA ocean color data, services and tools!
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Robert Lossing, NASA OB.DAAC
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NASA's Ocean Biology Distributed Active Archive Center (OB.DAAC) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center provides the global research community almost 4 Petabytes (PB) of satellite remote sensing data from a large number of operational, legacy, and international missions. This archive spans nearly 40 years of satellite measurements of ocean color, sea surface temperature, and sea surface salinity. OB.DAAC also maintains a publicly shared archive called SeaBASS, of in-situ oceanographic and atmospheric data collected from ship-borne marine surveys, scientific buoys, and autonomous robotic gliders. These data can be manipulated with the freely available SeaDAS software package which enables the processing, display, and analysis of ocean color and other applicable satellite remote sensing Earth science data. During this webinar we will introduce you to the science of ocean color, the activities and services of NASA's Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG), and show you how to discover, access, utilize, and analyze NASA's ocean color data products.

Learn more about NASA ocean biology data and tools: https://oceancolor.gsfc.nasa.gov

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Feb 18, 2020