MODIS/Terra Collection 6 Aerosol, Cloud, and other Atmospheric Level-2 and Level-3 Products Released

MODIS Terra Collection 6 Aerosol, Cloud, and other Atmospheric Level-2 and Level-3 Data

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Atmosphere Team algorithm developers have released Terra Collection 6 (C6) reprocessing and forward processing product streams. New C6 Level-2 products include aerosol (MOD04_L2, MOD04_3K), cloud (MOD06_L2), column water vapor (MOD05_L2), and joint (MODATML2) sub-sampled products. Additionally, global browse and Level-3 Terra C6 products have been released. MODIS/Terra C6 algorithms parallel the numerous improvements and data set changes that were reported previously for MODIS/Aqua C6. A complete description of algorithm changes and product details can be found in documents available at Global L2 browse imagery for many of the key Collection 5 (C5, C51) and C6 atmospheric team datasets are available at


  • The Atmosphere Team Terra C6 L2 cloud mask (MOD35_L2) and atmospheric profile products (MOD07_L2) have also been reprocessed to replace their original 2012 versions in order to incorporate Band 5 radiance calibration updates.
  • Atmosphere Team Level-3 (L3) daily products include a small update for Terra to add several new parameter histograms in the daily (MOD08_D3) file. The Aqua Level-3 daily products have also been updated to include these new parameter histograms.

Continuing Production of Collection 5, 51 products

To allow the MODIS community time to evaluate and gradually switch over to the Collection 6 Atmosphere products, Collection 5 / 51 forward processing of Atmosphere products will continue until May 1, 2016.