Principal Investigator (PI): Jeffrey Morisette, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Co-Investigators (Co-PI): Robert Wolfe, Goddard; Greg Asner, Stanford University

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) products are being produced on regional and global scales to support research in land and atmospheric science using NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS). These supporting algorithms run on a cluster of multi-mission processing systems supporting several research teams.

Two recent extensions of MODAPS, which were developed for archive and distribution of MODIS products, are the Atmospheres Archive and Distribution System (AADS) and the Land Archive and Distribution System (LADS). The goal of this proposal is to leverage, extend, and tailor the functionality of these product ordering and distribution systems to serve the remote sensing needs of the North American Carbon Program as a: "Data and Information Systems Support for Science Focus Areas and Applications".

The purpose of these enhancements is to streamline access to MODIS data products, to reduce data volume by providing only those data required by the user, and to improve the utility of data products. The proposed work will provide North American Carbon Program (NACP) investigators with custom preprocessing of MODIS data that will allow for direct ingest into an investigators modeling framework.

By reducing the burden associated with ordering and pre-processing of MODIS products, we will enable NACP investigator to focus on the information content in MODIS data and its contribution to understanding carbon budgets. We will serve key researchers within the NACP who have an urgent need for enhanced support of MODIS data. The needs of this group will be representative of the larger climate modeling community; and the tools developed for them can be implemented in an operational system to serve this wider community.

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