Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT)

MOPITT NRT Data and Information

NOTE: A hot calibration of the MOPITT instrument is planned for the end of November. From November 27 through December 8, 2023, the instrument will be taken out of science mode. The instrument is expected to be back online by December 8.

The Carbon Monoxide (CO) product produced from data acquired by the MOPITT instrument aboard NASA’s Terra satellite is available through LANCE generally within three hours of satellite observation.

To download MOPITT Retrieved CO (Thermal Infrared Radiances) NRT data, register for an Earthdata Login. Use the table below to access specific LANCE data products.


Product Download Description Volume
MOP02R_NRT MOPITT NRT Level 2 CO vertical profiles derived from Thermal Infrared Radiances 400 Worldview Browse


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