Disasters Toolkit

Entry points to access NASA disaster-related data (regarding cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes, extreme heat, floods, and landslides) with links to resources.
Projected flooding in Williston, ND after catastrophic dam failure. Reds indicate low flood depths versus blues which indicate high flood depths, upwards of 50 feet. Landsat data used to create this flood map.

According to the World Health Organization, natural disasters such as floods and storms, earthquakes and volcanoes, wildfires, heat, and landslides kill almost 90,000, and affect close to 160,000,000 people every year. Communities, especially those that are vulnerable, are impacted on every front – physically, socially, and economically.

NASA remote sensing data help scientists, researchers, decision makers, and the general public understand the contributing forces and impacts of catastrophic events. NASA also provides near real-time (NRT) data for time-critical applications.

The Disasters Data Toolkit provides resources for the following natural events:

Last Updated
Feb 24, 2021