Webinar: Empowering Access to Airborne and Field Data with NASA's CASEI

This webinar provides a demonstration of using NASA's Catalog of Archived Suborbital Earth Science Investigations (CASEI) for exploring past and present airborne and field campaign platforms, instruments, geophysical concepts, and data products.
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Camille Woods, University of Alabama in Huntsville; and Elijah Walker, Universities Space Research Association
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ESDIS Communications Team
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Since 2019, NASA's Airborne Data Management Group (ADMG) within the Interagency Implementation and Advanced Concepts Team (IMPACT) has worked to promote and improve the discoverability and accessibility of data from the agency's suborbital Earth Science observations. A primary component of this effort is the development of NASA's Catalog of Archived Suborbital Earth Science Investigations (CASEI). CASEI, officially released in July 2023, provides a single entry point for users to search and browse details from more than 65% of known NASA airborne and field campaigns. Contextual metadata are organized and highly interlinked to allow intuitive, integrated exploration across all of NASA's data archive centers, a key feature that sets CASEI apart from other tools. Campaign science objectives, platform and instrument configurations, and more are included in CASEI's database, facilitating multi-parameter search, browse, and discovery of relevant data products via digital object identifier (DOI) links.

This presentation shows you how to use CASEI, details CASEI's development, and summarizes the intensive CASEI metadata curation process.

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