Webinar: Discover, Access and Subset NASA Physical Oceanography Data

Interested in NASA's physical oceanography data? Join us to learn how to use the HiTIDE data subsetting tool for swath data as well as the PO.DAAC Drive, which provides http-based access to NASA PO.DAAC data holdings.
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Mike Gangel & Aaron Plaive
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Jennifer Brennan
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NASA's Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC) is responsible for the management and distribution of NASA’s physical oceanography data. It distributes over 500 datasets with satellite measurements for gravity, ocean winds,ocean currents, sea surface topography, salinity, and sea surface temperature. PO.DAAC supports the physical oceanography user community by offering a suite of data access and visualization tools and services. During this webinar we will highlight the High-level Tool for Interactive Data Extraction (HiTIDE) data subsetting tool for swath data, as well as PO.DAAC Drive, which provides http-based access to PO.DAAC data holdings.

HiTIDE allows users to search, subset and download popular PO.DAAC level 2 (swath) datasets. Users can search across a wide variety of parameters, such as variables, sensors and platforms, and filter the resulting data based on spatial and temporal boundaries of interest to the user. HiTIDE v4.0.1 includes a redesigned user interface, improved search and granule selection workflow, instant granule variable visualization, and many more enhancements. HiTIDE's user interface is powered by a set of web services which facilitate machine to machine interoperability. This webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of the new HiTIDE interface as well as several example data preview and subsetting workflows.

PO.DAAC Drive is an HTTP-based data access service for PO.DAAC. PO.DAAC Drive replicates much of the functionality of FTP while addressing many of its issues. This webinar and demo will cover Drive, what FTP functionality has been replicated, and the new features Drive provides to users.

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