Webinar: Explore the Entire Earth, Every Day, with Satellite Imagery from NASA Worldview

Join us on at 2pm ET to learn about Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Data Management Best Practices.
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Ryan Boller & Taylor Gunnoe
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Jennifer Brennan
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Over the past 50+ years, NASA has built dozens of spacecraft to study the Earth across a range of scientific disciplines. The data from these missions is freely and openly available to the public and, in recent years, has been made to be more discoverable in a Google Maps-like way. NASA's Worldview web application provides a visual interface to support a diverse array of applications including wildfire monitoring, air quality research, education, and illustration of natural events in the media.

This webinar will demonstrate how you can explore satellite imagery of any location on the globe within hours after it was captured and then download the underlying data for further analysis. For developers, we'll briefly discuss how Worldview's open source code can be extended and how new clients can be built from NASA's Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS). GIBS provides responsive and highly available web services for almost 200 NASA satellite imagery products. We will also provide a preview of Worldview's upcoming features and imagery products.

Last Updated
Apr 18, 2022