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Etosha Pan, Namibia

Image captured on 5 April 2021, by the MODIS instrument, aboard the Terra satellite.

Etosha Pan, Namibia on 5 April 2021 (Terra/MODIS)

False-color image of the Etosha Pan in Namibia. This image was acquired on 5 April 2021 Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), aboard the Terra satellite. The false-color image is a MODIS Band 7-2-1 combination which is useful for enhancing floods. Water appears in shades of teal and blue, whilst vegetation is green. The Etosha Pan fills with water during the wet/rainy season that can start as early as November and lasts as late as May. The water then evaporates and dries up in the following months. See this comparison of imagery of 8 August 2020 to 5 April 2021 and note that Etosha Pan appears brown and dried up, but the surrounding vegetation is also brown and not as vibrant as April 2021.  

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Last Updated
Apr 27, 2021