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Flooding in Mozambique and Malawi

Image of a three-day flood composite ending Mar 22, 2023, from the MODIS instruments aboard the Terra and Aqua satellites, overlaid on a true color corrected reflectance image.


Top image is a true-color corrected reflectance image of flooding in Mozambique and Malawi, neighboring nations in southeastern Africa, on March 22, 2023. Note the brown, sediment laden rivers in the center of the image as well as the sediment plumes exiting into the Mozambique Channel. The lower image shows the Flood 3-Day Window composite ending on March 22, 2023. Red indicates flooded areas, blue indicates existing surface water, and grey indicates areas of insufficient data (which is usually due to cloud cover). Note how the red flooded areas correspond with the sediment laden rivers.

The flooding was caused by Tropical Cyclone Freddy that repeatedly brought torrential rain to the region. See previous Worldview Images of the Week: Tropical Cyclone Freddy over Madagascar, Tropical Cyclone Freddy over Madagascar (Again), and Cyclone Freddy Continues over Mozambique and Malawi. The cyclone is likely to be named the longest-lived tropical cyclone at 34 days as a named storm, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

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Dataset: MCDWD_L3_NRT doi:10.5067/MODIS/MCDWD_L3_NRT.061

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