The Airbus Defense and Space GEO Inc (Airbus U.S.) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data evaluation is now complete, and the data acquired during the evaluation are in the Smallsat Data Explorer tool (SDX). The completed Airbus U.S. SAR Evaluation Report and the Quality Assessment Summary are available for review.

Airbus U.S. provides a comprehensive catalog of SAR Earth observation products from their TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, and PAZ X-band radar satellites. The data offer high temporal, high spatial resolution, and precise elevation information for nearly any point on Earth, independent of cloud cover and weather. The products have potential applications to various Earth science investigations, including monitoring drift ice in the absence of daylight, detecting surface movement in oil and gas fields, and identifying objects in remote areas. For specifications on the individual Airbus SAR sensors, please see the Airbus Commercial Data listing at the bottom of this page.

Authorized Data Use and Users

All members of the U.S. Government have access to Airbus data for scientific use. All data requests must be approved by CSDA.

End User License Agreement

Airbus U.S. USG EULA

Obtaining Data
  • To request access to CSDA data offerings, complete the CSDA Authorization form. The CSDA team will verify if the user is authorized for data access. Once verified, the user will be notified
  • Search for Airbus data using the CSDA Smallsat Data Explorer (SDX)
  • Download direct from the SDX (Earthdata login required) or use the Bulk Download Tool

Data products and derivatives for imagery must contain copyright markings as specified below (YYYY is the year of the image acquisition).

Data products and derivatives must contain a copyright notice similar to the following:

  • For data products: “© Airbus Defense and Space GEO Inc U.S. YYYY. All rights reserved.”
  • For derivatives: “Includes copyrighted material of Airbus Defense and Space GEO Inc U.S. All rights reserved.”
  • A joint copyright notice may be used as appropriate

Authorized users should send Airbus a courtesy copy of any publications that include Airbus data.

CSDA Acknowledgment

To help us identify your publications, we request that when you publish using these data, please include the following acknowledgment:

"This work utilized data made available through the NASA Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program."

Current Research Using Airbus U.S. Data

A listing of publications will be available here, when available; the evaluations were recently completed and take time to be accepted by journals.


NASA-purchased commercial data have a wide range of practical applications. Findings are statements showing how these data may be applied and include links to more information about these applications. A listing of publications will be available here, when available.

Airbus Commercial data
Constellation Details
Attribute Value

2007 TerraSAR-X

2010 TanDEM-X

2018 PAZ

Orbit Sun Synchronous
Repeat Period 5.5 ( Constellation)

Single, dual - depending on imaging mode

quad-pol is available as an advanced

polarization mode for dedicated acquisition campaigns 

Basic Imaging Modes
Acquisition Mode

Scene Size

(Width x Length)

Staring SpotLight (ST) 4 x 3.7 km2 up to 0.25m
High-Resolution SpotLight (HS) up to 10 x 5 km2 up to 1m
SpotLight (SL) 10 x 10 km2 up to 2m
StripMap (SM) 30 x 50 km2 up to 3m
ScanSAR (SC) 100 x 150 km2 up to 18.5m
Wide ScanSAR (WSC) up to 270 x 200 km2 up to 40m


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