NASA-funded Principal investigators (PIs) from all six ESD Research and Analysis (R&A) interdisciplinary science focus areas, Applied Science program elements, and the Heliophysics Space Weather program examined and analyzed commercial datasets to help determine their utility for advancing NASA's science and applications development goals during the Pilot program.

Less than a third of the Pilot PIs evaluated multiple vendors for their projects. Spire data evaluation was largely performed orthogonally to the Planet and Maxar Technologies segments, because the latter were focused on satellite imagery.

In addition, the Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program funded two research teams specializing in satellite calibration and validation to independently assess the radiometric calibration and geolocation accuracy of vendor-provided multispectral imagery.

Listed on this page are the high level summaries and the PIs responsible for the research, organized by vendor data used.

Research using Planet data

Research using Maxar Technologies data

Research using Spire data

Research using Planet and Maxar Technologies data

Research using Maxar Technologies, Planet, and Spire data

Calibration and geolocation assessments

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