NASA at Your Table: Earth Data Informs Agriculture and Water Resource Management

This ArcGIS StoryMap highlights Data User Profiles, Learning Resources, and Worldview imagery layers in support of NASA's 2021 Food and Drink Campaign.

NASA at Your Table is an interactive StoryMap will introduce you to some of the scientists using NASA Earth science data to monitor the production and health of crops, assess the state of and threats to supplies of freshwater, and better predict the risk and severity of drought, all to help food producers maximize yields and conserve resources and they work to feed people around the globe. It will also give you a chance to experience the power of NASA Earth science data for yourself.

Be sure to check out the Learning Resources section of the StoryMap for links to Data Pathfindersarticleswebinars, and more!

For an optimal StoryMap experience, open the StoryMap in a new window:

Visit the Get Started page on Earthdata website to begin exploring NASA's Earth science data, services, and tools. 

To discover, access, and download Earth science data, visit the Earthdata Search website.

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