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Each profile demonstrates how and where Earth observation data are being used for research and applications.

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Cecile Rousseaux, Research Scientist, Universities Space Research Association/NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO)
Jul 15, 2015

Who uses NASA Earth science data? Cecile S. Rousseaux, to study the effects of climate on ocean biogeochemistry, specifically on phytoplankton.

Dennis Ojima, Professor in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and Senior Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University
Jun 22, 2015

Who uses NASA Earth science data? Dennis Ojima, to examine natural resource management response strategies to climate change in the North Central U.S.

Greg Jenkins Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Howard University
May 29, 2015

Who Uses NASA Earth Science Data? Dr. Greg Jenkins, to study weather, climate, atmospheric chemistry, and air quality of West Africa.

Adnan Al-Azri, Associate Professor, Department of Marine Sciences & Fisheries, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
May 6, 2015

Who uses NASA Earth science data? Adnan Al-Azri, to study why periodic harmful blooms of algae occur in the Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea.

Rowena Lohman, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Engineering, Cornell University
Apr 30, 2015

Who Uses NASA Earth Science Data? Rowena Lohman, to study earthquake physics, satellite remote sensing, finite element modeling, ground displacements from a variety of anthropogenic and natural causes.

Eric Bruning
Apr 7, 2015

Who Uses NASA Earth Science Data? Eric Bruning, to study the relationships of storm electrification and lightning to the thermodynamics, microphysics, kinematics, and dynamics of thunderstorms.