New Getting Started with NASA Worldview Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to use NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Worldview imagery mapping and visualization application to explore and visualize NASA Earth science imagery to see hurricanes forming, wildfires spreading, icebergs drifting and more.

NASA's Worldview imagery mapping and visualization application allows you to interactively explore and visualize over 1,000 NASA Earth science satellite imagery layers, many of which are available within hours, even minutes, and spanning back 20 years. Worldview has been used for time-critical applications such as wildfire monitoring and management, supporting science through easy-to-access satellite imagery archives, illustrating disasters and natural events in the media, and for education and outreach. In this updated tutorial, created in December 2021, we will show you how to create and export an image snapshot, animate imagery to see change over time, compare imagery from different dates, or different types of imagery from the same date, explore vector data layers like Fires and Thermal Anomalies, and much more!

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Last Updated
May 19, 2022