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Lake Mead, Nevada, USA

Images captured on Sep 6 and Sep 4, 2021, by the MODIS instrument aboard the Terra satellite.

MODIS data image comparing Lake Mead, Nevada before and after a flood.



Comparison of false-color corrected reflectance imagery of Lake Mead, Nevada from 2001 to 2021. The false-color images are a false-color Red-Green-Blue (RGB) composite where Red is Band 7, Green is Band 2, and Blue is Band 1. This combination is most useful for enhancing floods and distinguishing burn scars from naturally low vegetation or bare soil. Vegetation appears green, water is black/dark blue and burn scars are red.

Click on the image above to open Worldview in a new tab. Use the slider on the map to see the differences between the imagery. The water levels of Lake Mead are noticeably lower on the right "B" side image from 4 September 2021 compared to 6 September 2001 on the left "A" side, and the built up area of Las Vegas has grown substantially in the past 20 years. 

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