The biosphere encompasses all life on Earth and extends from root systems to mountaintops and all depths of the ocean. It is critical for maintaining species diversity, regulating climate, and providing numerous ecosystem functions.



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The biosphere is made up of the parts of Earth where life exists. It extends from the deep ocean floor, to lush rainforests, and high mountaintops. This important sphere supports almost every aspect of human well-being and distinguishes Earth from other planets in our solar system.

NASA data have changed the way we study life on Earth. Remote sensing and field-based data from NASA and partner federal agencies provide opportunities for biological and ecological research and applications. They have been used to assess the health of forests, detect tree cover loss, and prevent the spread of invasive species. Data on vegetation health, primary productivity, evapotranspiration, forest structure, and ocean chlorophyll provide insight into the health and productivity of the biosphere. NASA data can also can be used to study the suitability of an environment for different species as well as species distribution within a habitat.


Definition source: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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